Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself

Apparently, in spite of all my intentions to raise strong, interesting, confident daughters, I am raising two total wussies.  Below, an ever-growing, probably incomplete list of the things they currently fear:

  • The noise the toaster makes when it pops up a bagel or toast.  They cover their ears while waiting for something to pop up because, you know, it's SO LOUD.
  • The vacuum (also too noisy).
  • Tornadoes, as of today, thanks to Annie's preschool for having them do a drill.
  • The possibility that flipping a light switch on and off very quickly over and over might start a fire; that a broken electrical cord might start a fire; that a candle will start a fire; in short, of fire.

  • Of all the neighborhood dogs, most especially the sweet, good-natured golden retriever Zoe who will let children climb her and ride her.  When we see her, Jemma won't get out of her stroller and does a lot of asking me if Zoe will "get her" or "eat her face."
  • Of a bike.  Annie had outgrown her old bikes and tricycle, so we went to get her a new one.  While she was trying it out in the parking lot of the bike store, a big gust of wind pushed her toward a cement barrier and she forgot how to use the brakes.  Even though Jason stopped her just in time before crashing or falling, we now have a cute Trek bike sitting in our garage, ridden exactly one time since we bought it.

  • The act of flushing the toilet, not only in public bathrooms (which might flush by themselves like at the ballet on Sunday!) but also in our own house, because it might overflow, even if it is just pee and one miniscule square of toilet paper.
  • Bugs, even ones that are clearly DEAD and just smashed on the pavement.
  • Butterflies.

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  1. Oh, this post killed me.
    I will repeat what I told you recently, we must spend more time together.
    But we might want to put that play-date on hold for a least until Jonathan is less-scary for all of us.

    Hilarious. But in the girls' defense, they do fly around a bit nervously and in unpredictable directions...if I said I sometimes dread the butterfly house at Meijer Gardens, I wouldn't exactly be lying.