Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sleep, Please

I guess my day today officially began at midnight, when I heard Jemma crying, "Mommy, mommy" in a pretty persistent way and I went in, thinking something might actually be wrong.  

"Hi!" she said brightly when I stumbled in.  "I up!"

Oh, no, I assured her, it was still the middle of the night, look, all dark outside, time for sleeping.

And all hell broke loose.  "Daaaaaaaaady!  Seee Daaaaaady!!!!!" and fifteen minutes of top-volume hysterical tantrums ensued, both in my arms as I tried to calm her and after I decided to cut my losses and put her back in the crib.  In our room, Jason and I stared at the ceiling and generally hoped for it to stop while also hoping that Annie didn't wake up, too.  After my heart-rate was up so high that I couldn't relax at all, I finally fell asleep somewhere around 2:00.  Yawwwn.

I muddled through the day, brought the girls to the gym, played "camping" with them, did some laundry, made dinner while Jason took the computer to its very first training session.  When he got home at 7:30, I was asleep with my book next to me in the bed.

Now I'm lying here, half-awake, with the book (Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo, which I just started tonight and can tell is going to be fantastic already) and some of my favorite chocolate pudding, my brain full of good intentions but my fingers too lazy to type more.  Jemma's still chatting away in her crib - conversations we can hear fully in our bedroom or in the living room, no monitor necessary, because that's how loud she is - about Daddy being gone (well, he was at bedtime), her "Annie-Pippi" being home, seeing Mommy at breakfast (at least that tidbit sank in), scolding her stuffed animals and talking to her doops.  She's something else, these last few days, and I think I've earned a night of non-productive reading and pudding-eating.

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  1. Mmmmm...I can almost taste the pudding (Marie Catrib's, I presume?) Also, on a random note, I am also reading Bridge of Sighs. I'm about 120 pages in or so. We'll have to discuss.