Monday, March 30, 2009

Food, Drink, Link

I spent a good chunk of today doing food-related things:  grocery shopping with Jemma, cooking a big batch of chicken stew with biscuits, and making chocolate chip cookies with the girls.  And since I spend a good chunk of almost every day doing food-related things, I'm pleased to be launching a new weekly column about healthy eating for families on the fitness website Bodies in Motivation.  (See that link in the upper right-hand corner?  Click on it.  Read.  Leave a comment.)  The site was started by a well-known blogger, All & Sundry, whom I admire greatly for her sharp wit and searing honesty (and her sarcasm, humor, swearing . . . the list goes on).  She began the site after so many of the blog posts she wrote while she tried to lose the baby weight resonated with so many readers; as such, it's a realistic, positive site without any of the gimmicky "Lose 8 Pounds in Two Weeks on the Buttered Popcorn Diet!" crap you see in women's magazines.  

I'm proud to be a part of it, even in such a small way.  So if you are interested in food or wonder what in the world to make for dinner, check it out.  And if you have any go-to recipes for feeding your own brood, please, please send them my way.  I'm always up for trying something new, and I'll probably make you some cookies as a thank-you.

Over a week into my H2O Project, I've learned a few things about myself.  

1.  I really depend on that one cup of morning coffee to start my day.  God forbid I ever become an old lady who drinks 85 cups a day right up until bedtime, but suffice to say that I was thrilled by the results of my poll, which made me feel justified in allowing myself this one exception to the water-only rule.  

2.  I have realized how frequently I get myself something to drink as a reward for a difficult moment or a stressful day.  I struggled through a bunch of errands and didn't lose my patience with the girls?  I deserve a Starbucks.  It was a long day and certain people drove me crazy?  I'd like a glass of wine immediately after tucking them into bed, please.  Now that those coping mechanisms have been taken away, I've had to find other ways to reward/de-stress myself.  Sometimes cold water with lemon, plus a calm, quiet space, does the trick.  Other times . . .

3.  I eat more when I can't drink the things I am craving.  No wine at night?  How about ice cream instead.  No Starbucks when it's been a long morning?  How about a spoonful of Nutella straight from the jar.  It seems that I'm determined to use calories as a crutch no matter what, so as long as I'm not drinking them, I'm eating them.

4.  Doing this has made me realize, again and again, how much I take for granted being able to flip the faucet up and expect a glass of clean, cold water.  I'm realizing, too, that I wasn't hydrating nearly enough before (especially with the running I do), and I'm imagining how hard certain people (mostly women and children) have to work to get their own clean water.  So, yeah, I'm pretty darn excited to drink a nice, cold beer on Sunday night, but also so glad I made myself do this.

The fancy new photo of me up in the right corner was taken by a neighbor (someone Jason knows from high school and now lives just a block away) who is a talented photographer with his own growing business.  His site, David Chandler Photography, is worth a look.  (I brought some cookies to his family as a thank-you, but some new business would be even better.)

More tomorrow on Annie's clothing preferences and the many things of which my children are currently afraid.

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  1. The cookies were awesome! We would love the recipe.