Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I am typing this on our brand-new MacBook, a computer that we are thrilled to have as a replacement for our old, slow 2001 Dell but which we are approximately as competent with as two five-year-olds.  I mean, we actually had to consult the instruction manual to see how to turn it off after we were done smiling at it on Friday night.  It's our first experience with a Mac or with a laptop, and I'm really looking forward to having it in the kitchen (recipes! e-mail!) throughout the day instead of having to run upstairs.  When we aren't using it, we're admiring the sleek silver cover and stroking it lovingly.  I have a feeling it's going to join the dishwasher as some of the best money we've spent this year.

Highlights of the weekend included Annie's dance recital (appropriately, she tapped to a song called "I Like to Fuss"), some time with my parents and a date night out afterwards, my successful 11-mile training run and some coffee afterwards, time at the park and the pool, two birthday parties, and - finally - some low-key family time this afternoon.  

Today was also the first day of my two weeks drinking only water.  Last night was a late one fueled by more vodka than is really healthy, and I admit that I wanted coffee pretty desperately this morning.  Surprisingly, though, I haven't had a headache from caffeine withdrawal (maybe that is still coming . . .).  Day one, and I wasn't too tempted to vary from the water-only routine.  I bought a few lemons at the store today, thinking I might treat myself to water with lemon if the going gets rough in the next few days.  Fancy.

Now, we're settled on the couch, watching Planet Earth in HD, which is pretty much the only thing that has made me happy about having this obnoxious TV that's been ruling our living room for the last two years.  Hello, camels.

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