Sunday, June 30, 2013

Good Things, June 2013

The annual school Fun Day tradition: last week of school + whole afternoon of outdoor games + getting sprayed by the fire hose at the end = Pure Joy;

fresh Michigan strawberries, and my favorite strawberry shortcake for dessert;

both girls running with friends and classmates in the LBW race;

sisters, all smiles on the last day of school;

silly hot tub time and dinner with cousins;

lemonade stand and friendship bracelets for sale in the front yard;

lazy mornings, reading on the side porch after breakfast;

a magical, lucky, romantic, adventurous trip with my husband to Austria, Switzerland, and France (more on that later);

a tangle of books and bodies in our bed on the night we got home;

running with Annie during her first 5K (and her running with a smile on her face the whole time).