Friday, March 13, 2009

A Fresh Start


Readers, this is the new blog. New blog, these are the readers.

It has been three weeks or so since I stopped posting on the old blog (I am a little wistful about it and miss it, somehow - ???) and in the meantime, I have been spending all the time I would have been blogging doing something MUCH more useful: obsessing over what to name this blog. Literally, this has kept me awake at night. (But what doesn’t?) For your perusal, a partial list of other things I considered:

blessed and lucky
beloved details
lucky charmed
from scratch
a piece of quiet
eat play love
story of a life
telling the truth
spinning plates
spilled milk
insomnia mommy
three things

Many of these urls were already taken on blogspot. I originally set something up on wordpress, but it was not user-friendly enough for a non-techie like me and I couldn't figure out how to disassociate it with my last name. So here I am, and yet it will probably be a couple of weeks before I am happy and comfortable with the new set-up, so I’ll need that list handy. You know, so I can come back to it and read it over and over at three in the morning and wonder, would THAT have been better? Or maybe THAT?

I’ve missed writing, and I’ve missed being in touch with my (few faithful) readers, so I had to choose. In the end, I chose (in)significant detail because I like how it works two ways, promising to document these days in significant detail for posterity, but also reminding myself not to take it too seriously. In spite of the new address, my purposes for blogging remain the same, no matter what the format: to keep in touch with friends and family; to save myself some money on therapy and writing classes; and, mostly, to save the memories of these irreplaceable days for future years. I am not an optimist by nature (not a pessimist, either - just a realist who tries to be cheerful but lets the sarcasm sneak in sometimes), but I want a daily reminder that grace is in the details.

Thanks for following me here!


  1. Glad to have you back! I have missed reading your blog as part of my daily routine and can't wait to keep up with you again. :)

  2. I agree with Lil! Missed reading it - glad to have your blog back for reading pleasure! =)