Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She Has a Few Opinions

She'd like an ice cube in her water.  She wants to go down the stairs by herself.  Do not stand at the bottom to watch; go in the bedroom.  She wants to walk to get Annie from school, not take the car, and she will emphasize this by general screaming and back-arching when you put her in the carseat.  She does not want to hold your hand in a parking lot, nor does she want to be carried.  She does not want to wear a bib.  She wants one, specific story before bedtime and no other story will do.  She wants to use Mommy's toothpaste.  She wants to wear a dress today.  She wants her purple crocs.  She does not want apricots for a snack.  She does not want to share her scooter with Jonathan, nor does she particularly want him to hold the bubbles or use the slide.  She does not want to wear socks.  She does not want you to talk on the phone while you are playing dollhouse with her, but if you are, then she does want to talk to Grandpa.  She does not want help getting in the tub.  She is "fimming;" she does not want to get out of the tub.  If Annie is having a Band-Aid, she wants one, too.  She wants the blue pajamas.  She does not want to go to bed.  She "can do it myself."  She "did it!"


  1. I am TERRIFIED that this will be Sabella in a few years... gotta love it.
    By the way - you crack me up.

  2. Love it, Love it and oh, Love it.