Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Afternoon Card-Making

After resting today, Annie and I played together (dollhouse, Tickle Monster) before getting out the Art Project bin.  We had been talking about how much she loved her teacher, Miss Susan, and how she was sad that she wouldn't see her anymore, so we decided to make her a card. Annie got out markers, flower stickers, and glitter and went to work.  She was still decorating and writing when Jemma woke up from her nap.  

Jemma stumbled out of her room, still groggy with sleep, and instantly demanded, "Me, too!" So I pulled out a chair, helped her climb up, tried to tame her crazy nap hair, and asked her for whom she'd like to make a card.  "Baby Charlie," she replied.  She colored and fought Annie for some flower stickers until she deemed it "done."  Then I asked her what she wanted to write. She dictated:

"Dear Baby Charlie,

Sanks.  I love him.  I like his paci.  Love, Jemma."  

She helped me write the J.  Then we took a bike ride around the block, Annie flying ahead with her hot pink helmet askew.

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