Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a fairly happy Easter, considering that we make much less fuss about this holiday than most others, kid-wise.  I guess it's just hard to convey that whole "Jesus who is also God died but then rose again a couple days later so you don't have to go to hell" concept to young children; instead of even involving them in the more-meaningful rites of Easter, we're still in that phase where we talk about it broadly and vaguely, then focus instead on the sugar-fueled, bunny-themed fun parts.  Last night, we had a great time setting out a carrot and lettuce for the bunny before the girls went to bed.  After they were tucked in, I made little bunny "tracks" through our living room while Jason stuffed plastic eggs with jelly beans and hid chocolate eggs all over the house.  

The first twenty minutes of this morning were hysterical; the girls could not believe their great good fortune.  They hardly knew where to turn first: baskets full of little toys and Peeps?  Bunny footprints?  Candy strewn around home?  Jemma kept cramming fistfuls of jelly beans into her mouth, looking sideways at us, disbelieving that we were OK with this as a pre-breakfast snack.  We got them all dressed up in their (matching) Easter dresses and spent the morning at my grandparents for brunch, where it was nice to see everyone with the exception of the small, yappy dog who virtually paralyzed Annie with fear.

This afternoon, after naps, we took advantage of the sunny spring day and headed to the park.  The Chandler family happily had the same idea, so all four girls ran and laughed together.  Last time we were at the park was the first time Jemma's been brave enough to beg for underdogs on the swing.  I praised her that time, saying, "You're so big!" and she disagreed, responding, "I Tiny!"  Today, however, Amelia kept bringing Jemma little gifts and referring to her as "the baby."  Jemma's response?  To look indignant, march away, and say, "I Not A Baby!"  Just now, in her crib, I hear her repeating, "I not a baby.  No.  I not a baby."  

And now, for an Easter treat of my own, I am going to finish a piece of chocolate silk pie that I bartered for some blueberry muffins, and then, let's be honest, probably sneak a chocolate egg or two from the girls' Easter baskets.

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  1. By the way - I'm totally stealing the bunny prints thing for next year... soooo cute.