Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I was still feeling half-asleep yesterday morning when it was almost time to pick Annie up from school, so I decided that walking there - in the brisk cold - would be the perfect thing to wake me up.  I bundled Jemma up, grabbed her a snack, and put her in the jogging stroller.  It was sort of freezing, but the longer I walked, the more likely I thought it was that I'd have enough energy to get some work done during rest time instead of taking a nap myself.  

When we got to Annie's school and extricated her from her classroom (always a fun adventure), I put her next to Jemma in the stroller and gave her a snack, too.  She devoured the whole package of Annie's Bunnies in about two minutes, finishing (and immediately elbowing and fighting with Jemma) just as I turned off the busy road onto one with a sidewalk.

"Mom, I want to get out and run," she said.  Fine.  I was happy to let her out so the fighting could stop; I figured she'd run for a block or two, then get back in, too tired to fight with Jemma.  Instead, she ran the whole way home.   That's over a mile.  And when she trotted up the driveway, all she said was, "Whew!  That was a good workout!  Now I need some Gatorade."  I gave her some.  It was purple, her favorite and mine.

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