Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things That Happen Here

You wake up in the morning, fling open the doors to your balcony, and do yoga while you watch the sunrise.

You go to the beach for the morning while Jason is out snorkeling and deep-sea fishing (catching tuna and a kingfish) and spend three hours building drip castles and sitting in the surf with your daughters.

You see that one of the lunch selections is "Fried Chicken - PICNIC" and ask if you could have it on the beach, thinking they'll send a basket of chicken and a big sheet to sit on, and instead the four of you arrive to see this

at water's edge, so you spend an hour with your family searching for sea glass and then sit down to fried chicken, curried vegetables, homemade banana corn bread, and two Red Stripes before rolling home to shower and nap.

You put your bathing suit on right after breakfast is over and let the girls argue over whether you should spend the morning floating on the raft, snorkeling, searching for shells, swimming in the pool, or lying in the hammock and listening to the waves crash under you.

You are served fresh-squeezed orange juice at every single breakfast.

You go to the Monday night cocktail reception and you meet another family with two little girls who found this place the same way you did (bloggers unite!) and you make plans to play on the beach together on Wednesday morning.

You put your dirty laundry in a hamper in the bathroom and the next day it magically reappears, clean and folded, inside your drawer.

You go to bed at night full of good food and happy memories, listening to the sounds of the waves hitting the shore, and you can't believe that you are lucky enough to get to wake up here the next day and the next.


  1. When you return, I NEED the information for this place. It sounds incredible and it looks beautiful. I've been to Jamaica once before, but only a stop on a cruise, and I'd love to go back. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  2. Agreed. I want details on this place! Amazing.