Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things Jemma Says: Deep Thoughts Edition

While on the airplane to Jamaica, looking out the window at the sunrise:  "Mom, I didn't know the world was so big!"


After I said "no" to her about something inconsequential this morning:  "When I'm a Mommy, I'm going to let my kids do everything!"


When she mumbled something I couldn't hear and asked her to repeat it:  "That's okay, Mommy.  I'll just save it in my heart for later."


In Jamaica:

Me:  "Jemma, please hold the railing when you're going down these stairs."
J:  "I don't have to; I'm big now!"
Me:  "I know you're big.  I don't want you to fall down.  It's not about being big or small."
J:  "What's it all about?  Is it all about GOD?"

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