Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Read Elsewhere: On Want

From This Is Not The Story You Think It Is by Laura Munson:

"How can a person not want?  You are born - you want to live.  You get married - you want to build a life with your spouse.  You have kids - you want them to live even though it seems at first like they're doing their best to try to off themselves - and later, you want them to be happy, and you want them to live even longer - long enough to provide you grandchildren.  And you want them to live, too.  In fact, you worry about them not living before they're even born.  Because what would that do to your child, outliving their child?  You want everybody to live, and you want to live until you are one hundred, still driving, mind intact, cheekbones and legs still not too bad, and then you want to die in your sleep.  You want to be Katharine Hepburn.  And in the meantime, you want a calling.  You want to work hard at that calling - you want talent and you want success.  How is it possible to live in this human body in this human world and not want?

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