Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

"LAPRKAN"s apparently visited Annie's classroom yesterday while her class was in library, tracked mud all around the room, turned the toilet water green, and left gold coins scattered around. Annie ate one chocolate coin at school and saved another one, which she carried home in her hot little hand and presented to Jemma. Then I ruined lunch by taking them to get shamrock shakes after school, and while we were gone, leprechauns scattered jelly beans around the hallway and turned the toilet water green at our house, too.

This was literally all that Annie could speak of for the entire day. She wore green from head to toe, except that she wore one green sock (for St. Patrick's Day) and one pink sock (for Easter, OBVIOUSLY). She drew the above picture just before dinner and just after she'd insisted on calling and leaving a detailed message on Jason's cell phone about all the things that the LAPRKANs had done that day. Jason, it seems, had mistakenly told Annie in the morning that leprechauns "weren't real." When he got home last night just before the girls' bedtime, she accosted him in the kitchen: "Daddy! Leprechauns really ARE real! Why did you say they weren't?"

"Yeah, seriously, why?" I added, eyebrows raised as Annie went flouncing off to read a book with Miss Kelly.

Jason's eyes were wide. "I didn't know this was A Thing!" he protested. Neither did I. So we snuck out the back door and walked to our local Irish pub for pints of Guinness, fish and chips, and a couple hours of celebrating, sans green toilet water. Jemma's rendition below:


  1. leprechauns peed in our toilet, too. They have officially become "a thing" in our home, too. I'm copying your bunny prints from last year for this year's Easter festivities, too!

  2. and, I would like to use the word, "too," once more...too. there. yes. i'm so articulate.