Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brown Paper Packages

Oh, what a glorious day.

It was nearly 80 here today, and sunny, and there were Easter packages from godparents and grandparents. There was the park all afternoon; there was a solo run right when Jason got home (during which I counted other runners/bikers/walkers on the path around the lake and stopped when I hit 100!); there was the Fancy Surprise Bath the girls created for me upon my return (complete with yard-picked violets floating in the water and lit candles surrounded by Cinderella figurines; what could be fancier?); there was another night of reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8 to Annie, and her reading her 16-page actual book about a girl who doesn't like peas to me just before bedtime; there is the pizza I'm eating right now, made from Wealthy Street Bakery dough and topped with chicken, sundried tomatoes, and lots of cheese; there is the Red's Rye P.A. I drank sitting in a chair on the lawn while I was waiting for the pizza to be done.

But most of all, there was Jemma wearing her One Sweet Chick t-shirt (a gift from her godparents), and there was Lik-M-Aid, (a gift from Annie's godparents). Because nothing says Eastertime like packages full of sparkly shirts and sugar.

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