Friday, March 5, 2010

Good Things, March 2010

a la Martha Stewart, but minus the absurdity:

  • Sunshine! Every day this week! And there is a 50 in the five-day forecast! And in the mornings I hear BIRDS!
  • Annie had a very successful playdate yesterday, marking perhaps the first time I have not wanted to bang my head against the wall regarding her behavior when she has a friend over. They ate lunch, dressed up, played with Jemma, did a puzzle, did paper dolls, rocked out with the keyboard and electric guitar, made a huge mess upstairs, and required zero interventions from me. I baked cookies. I was thrilled.
  • Last night's haircut/Gap Outlet browsing/visit with Gina. Some nice "me" time at the end of a busy week.
  • This morning's visit to Annie's classroom, where she was the featured student this week. Jason, Jemma, and I were her show-and-tell today, and we answered questions from the class like, "Do Annie and Jemma ever fight?" and "Does your . . . . giggle . . . . Pass." We showed the class part of Annie's baby video, and the class fell on the floor laughing at a shirtless, diapered six-month-old blowing raspberries at the camera while I gazed at our big girl, five-and-a-half next week, who signs her name "Anna" and takes ski lessons.
  • My yoga class this morning: seventeen sun salutations in honor of the days until the spring solstice.
  • New post at Bodies in Motivation about our culinary adventures as of late.
  • My last Rapid Growth article, from a week or two ago. While I was at the farm for the interview, I was lucky enough to hang out with Rapid Growth's photographer, Brian Kelly, and I asked him if he knew what kind of readership Rapid Growth currently has. Because of the fact that, when I call to set up interviews, people seem to rarely know about the publication, I assumed he'd put the number at around 10,00o or less. But guess what? Rapid Growth has 40,000 weekly subscribers, plus an additional 120,000 unique website hits per issue. Good thing, indeed.

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  1. Ahhh, what a great week! Enjoyed the Disney post oh-so-much, too.:)