Monday, August 3, 2009

Rest Time

Though Annie hardly ever naps anymore, she still goes into her room every day for "rest time." She has her books, her dolls, animals, Polly Pockets, and a few safe art supplies. She is surprisingly good about it and will stay in there for an hour or more. Here is a little photo gallery of what she's up to when she's not sleeping or "dooping" (stroking her face with her blanket). Yesterday, she jammed several of her books into her dresser drawers and, when we went in to get her, informed us that it was "a bookstore. Do you want to buy a book?"

Here, she methodically took down all the art projects we'd displayed on her wall with cute Land of Nod clothespins and hung up a Groovy Girl doll, a bathing suit, a My Little Pony necklace, a leather coin purse she loves, her nametag from last year's Sunday School, and her medal from last year's Kid's Marathon. This, too, was "a store."

This bear apparently needed polar bear jammies and a blanket to sleep.

We don't even know what is going on here, but there is clearly a dog theme. The large, pink dog is wearing a girl's 4T knit sweater vest, in case it's hard to tell.

Each wearing her own set of Annie's actual pajamas, left to right we have Gracie, Lily, Dinah, Chicky Baby, and Edie.

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