Monday, August 24, 2009

A Few Days Off

The girls were up north at the grandparent's from Monday through Thursday last week, drinking great quantities of juice, watching SpongeBob, playing with their cousins, and generally doing lots of things they don't usually get to do at home. It was obviously quiet without them here, and of course I missed them, but I also got a lot done, both from my never-ending "to-do list" and from a mental recharge perspective. I organized almost a year's worth of photos, got a lot of writing done, went to yoga, laid by the pool, did some birthday and school clothes shopping, researched our upcoming vacations, hosted a Shaklee party, spontaneously drove to Holland to purchase a new coffee table, and cleaned the house. Jason had to work every day, but in the evenings he and I went running together, rented and watched some of the first season of 30 Rock, rearranged the living room, walked to get ice cream, and drank beer at Logan's Alley.

We headed up to get them on Thursday night and took the long way so we could sneak in a stop at one of our favorite spots, Sleeping Bear Dunes. It rained off and on the whole way there and we spied a little snippet of a rainbow over Crystal Lake just before we got to the dunes. We arrived as the sun was sinking behind a cloud on the horizon and the view was breathtaking. We had planned to run down the 400-some-foot dune (and climb back up), but it was windy and freezing and looking like it might rain again, so we went and had dinner at Art's Tavern instead. Cozy bar, couple of beers, grilled cheese with bacon and some whitefish = not a bad way to end an evening together.

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