Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lists, Unrelated

Foods we're cooking right now:

1. Gingersnap cookies with white chocolate drizzle
2. Jalepeno poppers
3. Garlic mashed potatoes

Things the kids had fits about this weekend:

1. Getting dressed
2. Getting in the car
3. The swings at the park being wet
4. Having to wear shoes
5. Their parents leaving
6. Crayons, sharing of
7. The specific bowl in which their macaroni and cheese was being served
8. Having a bath
9. Not having gum

Things my kids do constantly that drive me crazy:

1. Move away from me while I'm helping them dress
2. Move away from me while I'm applying sunscreen
3. Ask me a question to which I've already given an answer
4. Ask for a bite of my food just as I'm getting to the best part that I had saved for the end
5. Slide head-first off the leather chair and ottoman onto the floor
6. Touch poop and dead bugs outside, THEN ask, "Mom, what's this?"

Things I ate at last night's fancy wedding:

1. Eggplant bruschetta
2. Salad with beets, hazlenuts, and goat cheese
3. Halibut
4. Pork tenderloin with fennel
5. New York Strip with potatoes
6. Risotto with tomatoes and basil
7. Raspberry mocha mousse
8. Lemon cheesecake
9. Yes, ALL of that

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