Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Sarah's Sea Salt, available locally at Art of the Table, and divine on anything having to do with fresh tomatoes, which we luckily enjoy fresh from our garden almost daily.

My new lamp, a girls' weekend purchase from a new-ish antiques store in Holland called Found.

The coffee table, also from Found, that I saw that weekend, didn't buy, and later went back specifically to purchase. I love the way it's modding up our living room. (Is modding a word? I don't think so.)

The Franco Sarto wedge espadrilles I found for $29.99 at Vintage to Vogue in Petoskey last weekend. Quick! I need an occasion for wearing them before summer is over!

Lastly, agua fresca, a fun summer drink I whipped up today to use up the rest of our CSA cucumbers for the week. The girls and I drank some outside, neighbors wandered over to play in the yard, and I finished the day eating grilled flank steak with Jason, still in my bathing suit from the pool this morning. Not a bad day, at all.

Cucumber Agua Fresca, Bon Appetit September 2009 (I halved the recipe, left out the chile)

2.5 c sugar
2.5 c water
2.5 lbs cucumbers, peeled, coarsely chopped, plus 8 thin slices for garnish
1 c fresh lime juice, plus 8 lime slices for garnish
1 serrano chile, seeded, chopped
1 t. salt
fresh mint sprigs
ice cubes

Stir sugar and water in large saucepan over medium heat until sugar dissolves, bring to boil. Let cool or chill. Working in batches, puree cucumbers lime juice, chile, salt and 2 c. simple syrup in blender until smooth. Strain puree into large pitcher or bowl. Mix in 8 c. water. Cover and chill.

Add cucumber slices, lime slices, and mint sprigs to pitcher of chilled agua fresca. Place ice cubes in each glass, fill with agua fresca, and serve.

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