Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wonderful People

Clickety-clicking around the internet late last night, I somehow stumbled across a fantastic quote.  It reminded me of something I've been making the effort to say to my kids every single day ever since reading it in The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan.  "Annie/Jemma, you are a great, great kid and I am lucky to be your mom."  And I mean it.  This is similar, and I could hardly love it more:

"You do not have to make your children
into wonderful people.
You only have to remind them 
that they are wonderful people.
If you do this consistently
from the day they are born
they will believe it easily.

You cannot force your will 
upon other human beings.
You cannot hurry children
along the road to maturity.
And the only step necessary 
on their long journey of life,
is the next small one."

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