Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Want to Go to There

Even though I still love our Chariot jogging stroller/bike trailer, I am sort of "over" pushing the girls in it together.  They are all smushed in there and they begin kicking one another and fighting constantly the second their snack runs out.  So I often take advantage of Annie's preschool time to push Jemma by herself, something that makes the run much more enjoyable.  
My only annoyance when I push her alone is that, between fistfulls of Cheerios, she has begun talking to me and asking me questions, and let me say, when I'm running down a semi-busy road and traffic is roaring past, it's very hard to hear what she's saying.  I usually alternate between asking, "What?" at progressively louder volumes and just agreeing emphatically with whatever gibberish I couldn't understand, just for the sake of ending the confusing conversation.  

Today, though, we ran past a local school where we often play on the playground and, in spite of the traffic, I heard her clear as a bell:

"Park!  I want to go to that!"

And I felt a secret happiness that my life might be, in one, tiny way, just like Tina Fey's.

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  1. That is awesome. And you could be Tina Fey. You'd just have to wear glasses and buy a few more long cardigans.