Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Glossing Over

This morning dawned sunny and warm, and I briefly considered packing the girls up and bringing them to the beach for the day.  Now that Annie is done with preschool, our summer is opening up, and even though I've signed her up for a couple of things (Safety Town, a three-week dance class in July, and something called Fairy Camp which will certainly be the fanciest, girliest "camp" ever), our days are mostly one unscheduled hour after another, now.

I got so far as to make some PB&Js and rummaging around for the swimmies and the sunscreen before I realized that the beach would probably not be my best call today.  The unbelievable amount of whining, sobbing, arguing, fighting, meltdowns, and general inability to cope with life BEFORE 10:00 A.M. really tipped me off.  And since being at the beach would have involved skipping Jemma's naptime and Annie's rest time, I called it off.

This afternoon, though, after everyone's attitudes had been re-adjusted, we had the inaugural afternoon of this summer's Sprinkler Pool, a $29.99 Target special that thrills the kids every May and falls apart every August.  There were popsicles, there was sunscreen, and there were wet, happy children.  

Later, the girls and I even ate dinner outside.  We ended the day with bike rides around the block (Jemma, too!) and much-needed baths to cool down some sweaty, red faces.  Annie's crashed out for the night, Jemma's hanging in the playroom for about ten more minutes, and I'm about to make some grown-up dinner, sit outside with a glass of red wine, and summon my patience to face another day of unscheduled wrangling tomorrow.

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