Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eating Our Vegetables

Yesterday, with the help of Patrick's magical Dingo and to the delight of neighborhood children who enjoy large machinery, we ripped a scrubby tree out of the ground and cleared a plot of land next to our house for a garden.  (By "we," I mean Patrick.  The rest of us watched and took pictures.)  Heidi and I have been talking about doing this for a few days.  Look!  We actually did it.  We're going to grow lots and lots of herbs, plus a few favorite vegetables.

Then today, we headed to Trillium Haven Farm in Jenison for their member's welcome potluck.  Since, you know, we aren't going to have enough vegetables growing on the side of our house; we'll also be getting weekly shares from our CSA - things like eggplant and kale and sugar snap peas and summer squash and . . . wow.  At the potluck today, when I wasn't being amused by the random rooster ambling around crowing or trying to block out Annie's whining, I heard an experienced member speak of "cabbages the size of basketballs" and "the challenge of using 10 eggplants."  We're going to have a lot of vegetables.  Also, our kids don't really eat vegetables.  It's going to be an interesting, hopefully healthy summer.

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  1. I'll take a cabbage whenever you have an extra for a neighbor... :)