Monday, May 18, 2009

Last Day of Preschool

You wouldn't know it from this photo, but there is literally no limit to the things about which they can fight or argue.  It makes this picture that much more precious, I think - knowing that they really DO love each other and enjoy being together, sometimes.

Jemma, hair in eyes as always, being silly outside.

Annie, tending our cilantro and basil, and making "salad" out of the dead daffodil and tulip leaves from the front yard.

Annie with Miss Jenny and Miss Susan at today's picnic to celebrate the end of her preschool experience.  I remember Annie's very first day so vividly (she wore knee socks and her backpack was huge on her back) and I truly can't believe that she'll never need to tote that red canvas bag into a preschool classroom again.  She's thrived there, made good friends, learned all manner of things, and - best of all - discovered that a good school (and good teachers) make learning fun.  I'm so glad that school is a place she's thrilled to be.  

This afternoon was sunny and perfect-spring glorious.  As we walked to the grocery store, Jemma in the jogger and Annie holding my hand and walking beside me, I asked her, "What makes you happy right now?"

"Well," she said, "let's first start with what makes me sad right now."


"I'm sad that it was my last day of school."

"I know," I said.  "I was always a little sad about that, too."

"But I'm HAPPY that I'll go to a new school next year with new teachers and make new friends and you'll always be my Mommy."


"And I'm happy about the sunshine.  Can we buy new popsicles at the store?"

We did.

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