Monday, May 4, 2009

Residual Good Mood

In spite of Annie's up-half-the-night coughing last night and subsequent fever today (which kept her home from school), I am in a good mood, probably still fortified by our glorious weekend.  No matter how much we wholeheartedly love the whole "it takes a village" thing we have going on in our neighborhood, it was refreshing to be "away" for a couple of days, to be someplace just our family could inhabit without having to referee toy-sharing or watch as someone else's child upended the fifth container of bubbles this spring.  We largely ignored our usual schedule, something I am very anal about here at home, and I love to do that sometimes, especially when I know I'm not setting a dangerous precedent.  You're eating a giant Rice Krispie treat on a stick and skipping your nap?  OK, but just here at the cottage; obviously, not at home.  Sometimes I get tired of Consistency and Routine and Loving Limits, too.  It was nice to take a break.

Additionally, inspired by the title of another blog I read (see You'll Learn to Keep House in my blogroll sidebar), I've been amusing myself all day long by inserting new words into the Beyonce song All The Single Ladies.  Trust me:  almost anything can sound fun in that chorus.  A few faves:

"If you go outside/ You gotta put your shoes on/ uh oh oh . . ."
"If you wanted some/ You shoulda asked nicely/ uh oh oh  . . ."
"If you made a mess/ You probly shoulda cleaned it up/ uh oh oh . . . "

and one that clearly makes no sense, but should be sung while holding Jemma fresh from the bath, upside down so she can see herself in the bathroom mirror, bouncing to the beat:

"If you liked it /Then you shoulda put a Jemma on it/ uh oh oh . . ."

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  1. At our house, we sing "all the stinky babies (all the stinky babies)" quite a bit, but of course as a substitute for the "all the single ladies" lyric. Might have to try the part you're working with, though!