Thursday, August 11, 2011

He Remembers Every Word Jon Bon Jovi Ever Sang, Though

The scene:  Couch, living room, late summer night in August
The players:  Jason, listening to music on iPad; Stephanie, reading on laptop

Stephanie:  Huh.  That's interesting.
Jason:  What?
Stephanie:  NPR just reported on a study that shows that babies can be pre-disposed to like certain, specific foods based on the flavors their moms ate during pregnancy.
Jason:  Yeah . . . so.
Stephanie:  Well, maybe that explains why Jemma is so picky.
Jason:  . . .
Stephanie:  Do you remember how I was when I was pregnant with Jemma?  How I only ate yogurt and bagels?
Jason:  . . .
Stephanie:  Remember how I had constant explosive diarrhea and felt nauseated all day long for six months?
Jason: . . .
Stephanie, louder:  Remember how I lost ten pounds?
Jason:  I . . . ah . . .
Stephanie:  Remember how I had to start drinking Ensure every day because the doctor was concerned about my weight loss?
Jason:  I don't . . . remember anything about diarrhea . . .
Stephanie, loudly:  Remember the time you were at work and I had to call my dad to drive down and be with Annie at the house because the explosive diarrhea was so violent that it actually caused me to begin having regular contractions when I was only twenty-some weeks pregnant??!!??
Jason:  . . .
Stephanie:  !!!
Jason:  Heh.  Well, it was five years ago.