Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Best Moments

. . . Of the last few days include:

-climbing to the very top of the highest dune in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park - with Annie, doing a monkey scramble right next to me - and then jumping our way back down to the water.

- watching the waves in Sturgeon Bay this afternoon, chasing my nieces on the shore, skipping stones, and swimming out deep with Annie.

- sitting on the deck late last night and drinking wine under the stars with Jason.

- a tough but gorgeous 8-mile run this morning along the bay.

- a picnic at North Bar Lake, complete with prosciutto and tomato sandwiches, lemon veggie orzo salad, fruit, shrimp, cookies, and Brewery Vivant beer.

- knowing in my brain that the back-to-school rush is going to be in full swing in one short week but feeling summer in my soul for a few more days.

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