Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Things, August 2011

Summer has almost lost its luster for me, frankly.  Siblings are fighting (we're going on week four of no scheduled activities, and it's a bit much), friends and family are struggling, time is short but to-do lists are long, and when I noticed it was the last day of August and I hadn't done this month's traditional Good Things post, I didn't much feel like doing it, anyway.  But going on the theory that it's during challenging  times that we need to search out the good things the most, I forced myself to scroll back through this month's photos, prompting the obvious realization that even in the midst of this - in the midst of anything, really - there are always, always good things.  

(I'm not saying there won't be a more, shall we say, realistic post tomorrow or the next day.)  

So, for now:

Fancy hair after Fairy Camp.  (Yes, Fairy Camp is an actual Thing.)

Jemma wearing her fairy crown at the last day's tea.

Ruth Reichl's peach cobbler.

Finding teency, tiny toads at Mimi's . . .

 . . . and learning about habitat, predator/prey relationships, and disappointment when setting them free.

A cozy dinner with just my big girl one night.

This expression on Annie's face while playing math games.

Jemma wearing my bath robe in the middle of the summer for no reason.

An impossibly gorgeous day at the beach.

Sisters at the annual block party . . .

 . . . and best friends being silly in front of the fire truck . . .

 . . . and some of the neighborhood gang posing for the yearly photo.

Daily piano practice, tutu optional.

Dancing along to sister's music.

Watching the band practice on the football field.

Post-sprinkler peek-a-boo.

Matching towels.

Annie's creation of bathing suits for her bears, made out of (you guessed it) her bathing suit.

Spending a day where this river meets the lake.

Playing Ms. Pac Man at Art's Tavern.

Sun-kissed girl drinking root beer.

This spectacular stretch of Lake Michigan beach (Sturgeon Bay at Wilderness State Park).

Cousins smashed together in a carved-wood chair at Leg's Inn,

drinking Shirley Temples on the lawn that overlooks the lake,

(or maybe chocolate milk),

linking arms walking back to the car,

and - miracle of miracles! - all four of them looking at the camera at once!

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