Monday, May 24, 2010

What's New, List-Style

  • In-laws were here for the weekend. Projects we accomplished included: installing a new ceiling fan, wiring and installing new outdoor sconces, putting up shelves in the garage, building and staining a new windowbox, and putting the rest of the garden in. And by "we," I actually mean "my father-in-law," who did all but the garden work.
  • About the garden: our efforts this year include lettuce, spinach, two types of cherry tomatoes, some romas, red and yellow peppers, eggplant, green beans, carrots, snap peas, shallots, and a windowbox full of herbs. We ate some of the lettuce in a salad for dinner tonight.
  • Our second year as members of the Trillium Haven CSA began yesterday with the open house. We went, we brought pulled pork, we drummed, we ate, we played, we looked at fields, we sweated, we watched Jemma refuse to eat a single thing other than fruit, we left. Bring on the kale!
  • We are going to Jamaica! In nine months! After two years in a row of February vacations in Florida that involved frost and wind and very little beach or pool time, we are stepping it up a notch and going a little farther south. There are nannies there. They do your laundry. I think it is going to be fairly awesome (in nine months).
  • We turned our air conditioning on for the first time this year, and today it was so hot that we were playing in the sprinkler pool/running through a sprinkler/eating meals outside except for 1.5 hours in the middle of the day for quiet time. As long as it continues to be 88 and sunny, I'm determined to make it to the beach at least once this week!
  • I fell last week while I was running (not ON anything, just tripped on my own self while running around the lake on the paved path I run at least three times a week) and got a horrible "bleeding boo-boo" on my knee. I put a hole in my new favorite running capris, and now I have a giant scab on my left knee, which Jemma must touch several times a day while asking, "Is it still crusty?"
  • Jemma has her last Gymco class of the year tomorrow morning. I am sad! Gymnastics (first the parent-child participation class, then the three-year-old class that she transitioned into and cried about for the first few weeks) was really the very first activity that she and I did together outside of the house, and I can't believe that it's over, that she's moving on to preschool in the fall. Tomorrow, I get to go in the gym and watch her do all her "tricky moves" and take her picture and watch. She has already requested that I wear my hair in a ponytail.
That's it around here on May 24, 2010. Now I'm off to read The Book Thief in my air-conditioned bed and await my husband, who has promised to bring me something cold from Jersey Junction when he returns home tonight.


  1. Can your father-in-law come install our ceiling fan? Because it's not going very well.

    I'm sorry you fell! :(

  2. Gina, I have had to stop reading it because it is giving me nightmares! Two nights in a row I woke up sobbing . . . but I want to know how it ends, so maybe we can hold a mini-book-club about it and you can sugarcoat it for me . . .