Thursday, May 13, 2010

In the News

I am not going to lie, I worked damn hard on this article - going on location two separate times, interviewing about 87,000 sources, whittling seven-plus pages of single-spaced typed interview notes down to 1400 words, getting quotes approved, proofreading and re-proofreading - all within four days. And at the end of that hard work, there are a few things in it for me. There's the paycheck, of course. The addition of one more little scrap of work to my "I Wrote This" pile. The little high I get when I've spent a couple hours doing something challenging and doing it well. The experience of learning about a subject I knew zero about a few days before. And the pride in contributing to a publication that is all about the positive potential of the city in which we're raising our family.

And, because I don't think I linked to it at the time, here's the feature I did last month, too:

(Sigh of relief.)

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  1. Maybe it sounds silly to say - but... I'm proud of you! You are such a gifted writer!