Thursday, May 13, 2010

Three Conversations with Annie

Me: What's stinky in here?
Annie: NOTHING. (Giggle.)
Me: Did you toot?
Me: (skeptical look)
Annie: Well, I tooted way over there, but it maybe flew after me and now it's in here with me.


Annie: God could do anything.
Me: Yep.
Annie: Like, anything he wants to do.
Me: Yep.
Annie: I mean, God could turn that car into a big mud puddle! Or make it so he could bite someone's finger off but it wouldn't hurt them.
Me: Um, . . . . ?


Annie: Did you see that flag at that house? Was it halfway down?
Me: I didn't see it.
Annie: Daddy said if a flag is halfway down, it means someone is dying. Is someone dying at their house? Did someone die there? Daddy said that, one time when we were at the pretty place by the sea monster.
Me: I actually have no idea what you are talking about.
Annie: You KNOW, The Pretty Place.
Me: Where is The Pretty Place?
Annie: Where we go with the fountains and the coffee shop and the sea monster in the river.
Me: The Amway Grand Plaza?
Annie: Yes! So, did someone DIE?

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