Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kicking Off Summer

Sometimes, when the forecast is for 88 degrees and sunshine, it would be insane not to pack the kids up in the car and drive directly to the nearest large body of water.

So today we did. Jemma ta-da'ed her way through her last, victorious gymnastics class (complete with medal), and then we grabbed some new sand toys at Target (because ours are still in South Haven and, well, you can never have too many sand toys). We stopped home to make picnic lunches and pack a beach bag, picked up Annie from school, and we were off.

The girls ate their pb&js and bananas on the way there, finishing just as we pulled into the parking lot. Sunscreen-slathering, beach-gear-carrying, perfect-spot-picking, and we were there, at water's edge. For three hours, we dug holes, caught ladybugs, swam in the freezing cold water, ate fruity snacks, buried our legs, made sandcastles, and generally felt lucky to have a whole Tuesday afternoon to waste away in the sunshine.

The girls slowly - sloooooowly! - helped me drag everything back to the car. We got in, sandy and sticky, blasted the AC and turned on a movie, and drove through Starbucks for frappuccinos for the ride home. Perfection.

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