Monday, May 10, 2010


In addition to being awakened by giggling little girls carrying me my breakfast in bed (Cheerios, dried cherries, and a latte Jason made me), I celebrated Mother's Day by making fresh-squeezed orange juice with my Mother's Day gift from Jason: juicer, crate of oranges, big bag of lemons.

It was good. I haven't had fresh-squeezed orange juice much since we frequented Cafe Zola on the weekends when we lived in Ann Arbor. Looks like that's going to change.

Annie drew me several pictures over the last few days, many of them wishing me a HaPPy MoTHeRs DaY, and she made me a flower pen at school. Jemma made me a card with a flower on the front, too.

We tend to spend Mother's Day with either Jason's family (last year), or my family (the two years before), but this year, somehow, it was just the four of us, and I like that, too, from time to time. We were just going to go to Rose's for a low-key brunch mid-morning, but the girls begged to do something "fancy." Nothing says fancy around here like the lobby of the Amway Grand Plaza, so we went. They love to just walk around, eyes big, and gape at the crystal chandeliers and the high ceilings.

They made wishes and threw pennies in the fountain.

We had coffee at the Starbucks and watched traffic go by outside and a rock star hide behind his sunglasses at the next table.

We wandered to the art museum, then read books at the bookstore - two of my very favorite places in the city.

When we were finally hungry, we slipped into a new-to-us restaurant for an indulgent brunch: crepes with pear and nutella; scrambled eggs with bacon, cheddar, and asparagus; baked french toast with pecans and raisins; hangar steak with chipotle and diced potatoes.

Honestly, I think it would be wrong to ask for anything more.

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