Monday, September 21, 2009

What We're Up To

Jason: working, working, working out, working, working, eating, working, talking on the phone in a very loud voice while pacing.

Steph: cooking things, preferably with leeks or caramel (but not together); herding children; moving dishes, clothes, and toys from one place to another place; buying children's birthday gifts; being sore from her Saturday morning boot camp workout; trying not to freak out about leaving for Hawaii in NINE DAYS OMG; constantly updating a Microsoft Word document that is going on three pages regarding care of children during trip to Hawaii; wishing people would return her e-mails.

Annie: surprising us all by liking her soccer game; running in the house to change clothes/shoes/headbands and saying, "Smells good, Mama!" as she flies by; being extra affectionate; still bemoaning the lack of babies and/or dress-up clothes at school this year; being this close to riding her bike without using the training wheels at all.

Jemma: requesting milk and snacks at all hours of the day; refusing to go in the shopping cart at the store by doing a move similar to a cat being put into a bathtub (legs spread wide, whole body very stiff); requiring a long "snuggle" in her chair before being put to sleep at night; asking me to "itch her back" when we snuggle; telling me correctly, letter by letter, how to write her name in chalk on the driveway tonight.

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