Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The conversation I overheard this morning, as Annie got up and talked to Jason:

Annie: "Hey, Dad, my doop smells like Cheerios."

Jason: "Hmmmm," (not really paying attention, mostly trying to measure the coffee.)

Annie: "Dad, I think that, at a little after 6:00 this morning, doop got up, snuck out into the kitchen, AND ATE SOME CHEERIOS!"

Jason: "Hm. Yeah?"

Annie: "Yes. And then she came back to bed with me and I woke up at 7:00." (Hysterical laughter.)


As Jemma falls to sleep, she plays with the big knit blanket my mom made for her when she was born. (This is known as "big doop" and covers Jemma while she sleeps, and is not to be confused with her waffle-weave blankets which are identical to Annie's doop and known simply as "doopy.") When she does this, tiny balls of fiber - cotton? - pill off, and Jemma worries them between her thumb and pointer while she falls asleep.

When she finds these little balls around the house later (and they are all over the wood floor under her bed until I vacuum them up), she takes them in her palm and calls them "chicks." This, I think, is still leftover from the movie "Up." Sometimes, she gives them to me and asks me to "take care of them."


In addition to the many components of her new big-girl bedtime routine (read books to her, snuggle, she reads books TO YOU, snuggle, song, hug, kiss THE END), Jemma is also unable to sleep until the two small plastic twin babies in the dollhouse (Carter and Clara, OBVIOUSLY) are in their cribs, covered with their doops.

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  1. Glad we get to be a part of the bedtime routine! So funny.