Saturday, September 26, 2009

Recent High Points

Annie decided she kinda likes soccer, after all.

I cooked something that was both yummy AND looked almost exactly like the picture in the magazine! (Everyday Food Chicken Pot Pie)

We took the girls downtown to check out ArtPrize last night, realizing mid-way across a bridge full of fascinating sculpture that we (minus girls, of course) had been in that exact spot at that exact time thirteen years earlier, on our first date. Awwwwwwww . . . .

Jemma was intrigued by all the art. She also felt that it was there to serve as a backdrop for modeling.

Annie in front, Jemma's arms peeking out from behind.

Jason spent this afternoon hunkered down with the neighborhood guys, sans kids, playing cornhole, deep frying every single item of food available to them (including bratwurst), and watching Michigan football. Then he came home and posed Jemma in this victorious shot.

Tomorrow, we're opting out of the rat race for a day, scorning the usual scramble to church and Sunday School in favor of some good, old-fashioned hanging out in the morning, followed by some to-do list tackling later in the day. I watched an episode of Toot & Puddle with the girls today, one in which the pigs venture to Hawaii. I dare say it increased my excitement level more than is probably normal after watching a cartoon. So tonight, I'm settling in with a giant glass of ice water (still re-hydrating after this morning's boot camp workout), readying a long to-do list, and perusing the Frommer's Hawaii 2009. Allowing myself a few fantasies about yoga on the beach, biking down a volcano at sunrise, a morning at the spa, and books by the pool, too. Four days to go.

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