Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend Project: Advent Calendar

The fact that Jason is in Chicago for most of the weekend + the fact that the girls have already been asking me for weeks "How many days until Christmas?" = this weekend's project, the Advent calendar.

Our family doesn't own a re-usable Advent calendar.  We just . . . don't.  It never seemed like a holiday necessity until about last year, and now that I'm actively looking around for one, I'm not drawn enough to anything to want to spend that much money on it.  Plus, I don't want anything where I have to hide candy inside, then listen to my children ask for the candy constantly, then feel as though the advent calendar is adding to the sugar overload of the holidays.

But then I found this, and it's perfect.  It's a paper (envelopes, to be precise) countdown-type calendar that kids can create with a little help, some envelopes, 24 slips of paper, the downloadable PDF for the numbers, some kitchen twine or ribbon, and clothespins.  We got started on it this morning, and though our version does not look as lovely as the one I found on design*sponge, we had fun deciding on activities to put inside the envelopes.  Jemma glued the numbers to the envelopes, and Annie wrote the activities on slips of paper to go inside.


Since we normally would have made a Christmas List for our backdoor blackboard, we've just assigned each activity to a day and we'll count down to Christmas with fun activities like "Write a letter to Santa," "Make Christmas cookies," "Read the Christmas story," "Draw a picture for your teacher," "Have a fire," "Drink hot cocoa," "Dance to The Nutcracker," and "Decorate your bedroom" instead of pieces of candy.


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