Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Things, November 2010

More art projects on weekends, like painting pine cones gold

and drawing pictures to welcome Daddy home from his Iceman bike race

and making portraits to send to cousins;

riding the carousel at the mall;

making apple crisp

and praying before dinner

and combining Smitten Kitchen granola with greek yogurt and Williams-Sonoma pecan pumpkin butter for the perfect breakfast;

saying farewell to the last of the leaves;

catching first snowflakes on tongues;



celebrating my mom's 60th with a shopping trip and dinner out; freak temperatures in the 60's that enabled plenty of outdoor runs and happy afternoons on the playground; new treasures from Etsy hung on the walls; homemade Advent calendar completed and ready for 24 days of counting down; 80% of Christmas shopping done!; looking forward to a cozy Thanksgiving weekend replete with extended family meal, Christmas-tree-getting, downtown tree-lighting event, and family trip to the ballet on Sunday.

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