Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Apple Tree, by Annie

Annie took some time over the weekend to write and illustrate a new book.  I am too lazy right now to photograph it page by page and upload the photos, but I want to share the story because it's pretty great.

The Apple Tree

For Mom and Dad

Capter One:  The Frend

There lived a tree.  It had a frend.  Her name was flowr.  Flowr was tree's Best Frend.  The tree and the flowr grow and grow tile the tree startid to grow appl's on it.  The appl's were so chiney that wene evre pepple waelkt by they wohd think they were the most chineyist  appl's evre.

Capter Two

Flowrs days past by cickly and flowr's brit petls beygan to die and tree was sad but then tree fouwd anothre frend.  He was happy agene becuas he had a new frend.  But he still mist flowr but he was glad he had a new frend to play with.  The End.

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