Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hipstamatic OBSESSED

This morning was about as perfect as any Saturday morning in April can be. Jason let me sleep in until I wandered out just before 8:00 to find him in the kitchen with Annie making applesauce pancakes. I ran around the lake in the sunshine and came home to find the rest of the family cleaning their bedrooms!

Then I did my third day in a row of the 30 Day Shred. This workout video has been all over the internet for months and months, and I finally broke down and bought it because I wanted to see what all the hype was about. My verdict, after three days, is that it is not messing around. It is only twenty minutes long, but I am quite glad that it isn't longer. The cardio sections are fairly easy for me; the strength sections are another story.

This morning, the whole family did it with me, and let me just say that it's pretty hysterical to see Annie and Jemma flailing their arms around during jumping jacks or down on the floor doing crunches. (Because Jemma really needs to lose some of her 25 lbs . . . . please.) Annie gets very into it and takes it pretty seriously. She is going to be a competitor, that one. I have memories of my mom taking me to a neighbor's house so she and the other mom could do Jane Fonda tapes, and now the cycle repeats and the girls will have memories of Jillian Michaels telling them to tough it out. Then . . .

Coffee . . .

starting another batch of bread . . .

and playing around some more with my Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. $1.99 for this kind of camera fun is absurd.

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