Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cousin Weekend

Weeks ago, out of nowhere, Jason asked Annie what sorts of things she'd like to do more of, anticipating, I think, that she'd say "swimming" or "art projects" or, most likely, "eating candy." She thought a minute, then said, "seeing my cousins."

So after a few weeks of planning, that's just what we did this past weekend. We went up to stay for two nights, and the weather was cold and nasty, which did not bother the girls at all. They filled the days with dress-up, watching Dora, puzzles, eating meals and snacks all lined up at the kitchen island barstools. We took them to Avalanche Bay, where they squealed around and summoned all their bravery for the real-deal water slides and ate together afterwards, smushed together all one one side of a little picnic table. They got donut holes at the bookstore and sat at a little table reading books. They giggled and fought a little and hugged and talked about unicorns.

They seriously love every second they spend together, and we seriously love to see it.

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  1. I love, love, love the pics - couldn't tell if they were Annie and Jemma or you and cousins in the early 80's! Such a great color! Wonderful!