Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

The Easter bunny left his silly white tracks in our house again this year.

Annie woke Jemma up by holding a jelly bean in front of her face and popping it in her mouth when she opened her eyes. Here she is, finding jelly beans, still half-asleep.

After church, we went across the street for a very cute little egg hunt with a bunch of other families. The sun was shining, the daffodils were blooming, the kids were wearing their spring Sunday best, and it looked a little like something out of a Ralph Lauren ad.

Then we made our way to my parent's for dinner, where the girls found YET MORE CANDY lying around the house for them to find. After dinner, we all took naps (yay, naps!) and then went for a hike up Mount Pigsah afterwards. It was windy but warm, and it felt great to feel the beach breeze on our faces. We drove home after dinner, happy and tired and full of sugar.

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