Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Favorite Snack

We've found a new favorite snack, and we've been making it once a week or so. They're called Powerballs, and the recipe is from the Wondertime website. I can't remember anymore where I first saw them referenced, but everyone in my family LOVES them. I make a half batch at a time and make the balls tiny (just typing that phrase makes me instantly think of the Schweaty Balls sketch from SNL . . . classic!) so we can pop one in our mouth whole without holding on to the sticky, peanut-butter-honey concoction for more than a second or two. Jemma and I highly recommend making them on a sunny morning with some Patty Griffin playing in the background.


  1. We've been making these and loving them, too! For some reason, when I try to roll them, they crumble in my hands, but Rowan has the magic touch. We are now out of dried cranberries and chocolate chips, so I certainly must go to the store so we can make more! Thanks for sharing!