Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stephanie and Kate Plus Ice Cream

The last time I got my hair cut, I picked up a People Magazine while I was sitting under the dryer and read the cover article on Kate Gosselin, who at the time was just announcing her divorce. She mentioned how "normal" they were trying to keep things for the kids and talked about how they had just made Ziploc baggie ice cream the day before.

Kate Gosselin being an inspiration in the field of entertaining small children (if not so much in the field of building a strong marriage), I went home and Googled it. Then, we made it. Here's the recipe, courtesy of me and of Kate Gosselin. I didn't have rock salt and didn't feel like getting any, so we used plain old regular salt, and it turned out fine.

Now, any time you feel like ice cream but have had the foresight and the willpower not to stock it in your house because, who are you kidding, you'll eat the whole pint in one sitting, you can just go ahead and make some in five minutes. You're welcome.

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