Tuesday, July 7, 2009


After several, several posts with ZERO COMMENTS, my curiosity is piqued. (Also, my pride is a little wounded, I admit.) And though I'm writing this blog mostly for myself and for the girls in the years down the road when they care to remember, it's fun to know who's reading it from time to time, too. So instead of writing tonight about all the new recipes I'm attempting or how we made ice cream this afternoon, I posted a little poll. See? Over there in the right-hand corner? Indulge me, please.


  1. This is Bad Joo posting a comment on your blog.
    This is Bad Joo getting fired for posting a comment on your blog and not working.
    This is Bad Joo moving into your house with you, your delightful husband, and charming children, because she is no longer able to support herself, and the dirty foreigner left her for a more productive member of society (with a flatter stomach).
    This is Bad Joo using all your toilet paper in the middle of the night and not telling you.
    This is Bad Joo getting pregnant germs all over your house.
    This is Bad Joo, pregnant and whiny, refusing to look for a job and spending all her time commenting on your blog whilst dirtying your house.
    This is your little thought bubble, "I wish I'd never wondered aloud about who reads my blog."


    P.S. Please note the startling lack of profanity. You may thank me in cash.

  2. i really hope that is not my sister...oh hell

  3. For some reason my computer wouldn't allow me to answer your poll. But I always read your blog. Only comment occasionally. It sounds like life is blissful and I'm so glad you're having such a wonderful time with your girls this summer!

  4. I love your blog and pictures. I like to read your recipes and looking at the books you are reading. I wants post 2 times a day!!!!

  5. I look for new posts everyday! I love your writing! Don't be wounded!

  6. I have no idea who you are...never met you before in my life...how did I get here?