Monday, July 20, 2009

Field Trip

We went to Meijer Gardens this morning, though getting out of the house took three cups of coffee and every ounce of patience I had.

The girls ran gleefully up and down this hill about ten times until Annie tripped at the bottom and fell head-first into the cement, resulting in much crying and a small goose-egg at her hairline. She was far more concerned about "what it looks like" than actually hurt, but it did make for a dramatic end to our picnic.

Singing some sort of song about string cheese . . .

Annie was pretty into drawing in the children's garden. Also, she was apparently feeling left-handed today.

Listening to some sort of story about an artist told by a batty but nice volunteer.

The rest of the day, the girls fought. They fought over:

-dress-up dresses
-the accessory bin
-the baby stroller
-Polly Pockets
-whose turn it was to brush teeth
-setting the table
-the pink ball

They kept dragging their problems into the kitchen, where I was making dinner, and I kept repeating, "I'm sure you two can find a solution to that" whenever they tried to tell me about it. They didn't ever really find any solutions, and by the time Jason got home, they had driven me so crazy that I packed them all off to get ice cream without me. That's right, children, I chose to stay home, put away laundry, and do dishes after a looooooong day with you two. But I did love snuggling with you at bedtime . . .

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  1. I can't believe YOU didn't head for the ice cream and made then stay home. Ha!