Sunday, June 14, 2009

Status Updates

Stephanie is . . .

-so obsessed with the new Basil scent of Mrs. Meyer's handsoap that she could not stop washing her hands and smelling them at her in-laws and had to drive immediately to the hardware store in Petoskey to buy some during the girls' naptime.

-sad that Tom's Mom's Cookies was closed when she tried to go there last night.

-officially tired of Jemma's "glare" that she does when she is unhappy.  Used to be sort of cute, is now just rude.

-doing this thing where she submits query letters to publications, gets the green light to write a piece, and then doesn't feel like actually doing the writing and procrastinates it until the night before the deadline.

-thinking about getting a cleaning service.

-drinking orange Izze.

-wishing she and her husband could ever be on the same page about having/not having a third child.

-impressed with how amazingly well the girls did on the drives this weekend.

-super, super, SUPER tired of hearing Annie and Jemma sing "Once Upon a Dream."

-pleased that she somehow knew what flotsam and jetsam were when it came up in conversation in the car tonight.

-still recovering after being party to a conversation that covered the likelihood of underground concentration camps in the U.S. run by the New World Order (Clintons, Rockefellers, Gates', Bushes, Obamas OBVIOUSLY).

-clearly tired of the packing/unpacking drama of the last five weekend since she forgot to pack underwear this time (!).

-looking forward to celebrating TEN years of marriage on Friday.

-hoping to take the girls to the pool tomorrow.

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