Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Packing It In

An incomplete list of things I did today:

-gave Jemma two time-outs before 9:00 a.m.
-took Annie to Safety Town
-five loads of laundry
-returned books to the library and got new ones
-went grocery shopping with Jemma
-got this week's CSA pick-up of TONS of veggies
-reapplied sunscreen to everyone
-ate lunch at the pool and swam after Annie was done with Safety Town and spent the last half hour with a cold Jemma snuggled against my chest under two towels for warmth even though it was 80 degrees
-marveled that Annie just SWIMS now
-made an obstacle course in the driveway for the neighborhood kids
-made white bean soup with pancetta and tortellini to use up the rest of our kale and swiss chard
-had a new babysitter over to meet the girls and play (she was a hit!)
-talked on the phone to Connie at least four times
-paid bills
-emptied trash
-let the girls get soaking wet in their clothes outside just before bath time
-went running by myself
-watered the garden
-put Jemma to bed
-drank a beer


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