Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Weekend at the Beach

Our plan was originally to leave first thing Saturday morning for "the cottage," but because the weather was glorious on Friday (and forecasted to be not-glorious on Sunday), we hightailed it down there on Friday afternoon and met up with Nate, Charmaine, and Evie at the beach.  The girls were instant friends.  We played, talked, caught up, cooked some dinner, and opened a few beverages before putting the girls to bed.  Uncle Dennis and Aunt Susie came and hung out, too, and the grown-ups played The 80's Game far, far too late into the night.  

We got to bed after midnight and were awakened at 5:30 by Annie's lusty singing of "Once Upon a Dream," followed by her loud crying when I went in to inform her that everyone was still SLEEPING and she should rest/go back to sleep/Not Make Loud Singing Noises for at least another hour.  We went through a good amount of coffee once we were all finally up, then spent four solid hours out in the sunshine - at the park, at the beach, having a picnic on a grassy spot downtown surrounded by the farmer's market, acoustic guitar music, and lots of classic cars in for the weekend.

We headed home after dinner last night, just as it was starting to cloud over, cool down, and sprinkle, but not before getting Sherman's ice cream, of course.  A whirlwind thirty-some hours, and totally worth the tiredness today.

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